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MakeAthon : fashion wearables!


During the weekend of 10 and 11 September the Ideeenlab joined forces with Madlab in order to organise a makeathon about the mix between fashion and wearables.  The people who participated would be given guidance by professionals in the field ( amongst which was Anouk Wipprecht ). The idea was to create something within 1 day , the focus was on the process of creating not so much the end result.

All the needed hardware was provided by  Ideeenlab and Madlab : we also had a sewing machine to our disposal. During both days we were also able to make use of the facilities being present at the mini maker faire ( for instance the 3D printers, electronic  shops and mould makers )

With the 1-day goal in mind, teams were quickly formed based on short 1 minute pitches by the participants( they were asked to describe their passions ) . The team forming was guided by Anouk who made sure their was a nice balance within the teams.

Both days all the groups were asked to present wat they built on the mini stage. After their presentation they were given feedback to their concepts by the jury.

All teams were able to make something in such a short period of time!

Below you can see some pictures that were taken during the event.