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Makeathon Process Description

What is a Makeathon? How does it compare to a Hackathon?

At a Hackathon people are pitted inside a arena-like setting where competition between the teams is at a high level.  Mostly there are money prices to be won for the first, second and third best idea which is decided by a Jury. The emphasis is on the realization of an idea, not on the process itself.

A Makeathon has it’s focus on the process of making things together. It is more about the process then it is about the end results. The main drivers for a Makeathon are 3 fold :

  1. Having fun creating stuff  : creating something new is an exhilarating experience.
  2. Learning while you go : the best way to learn is to build something
  3. Increase your network reach : professional and non-professional friendships are easily formed in the right environment.

During the Makeathon highly skilled people are present to help you out with technical and non-technical matters. You can actually ask a so called Innovatemate to build something for your team.

The Makeathon Process


  1. Introduction stage : At the start there will be an introduction about what a Makeathon is and how the general process will look like
  2. Challenger stage : A so called Challenger will present the challenge to the public. 
  3. Idea Forming Stage : The whole group will start forming ideas on solving the particular challenge, these are written down for the whole group to see.
  4. Idea Selection Stage : this is where you have to kill your darlings by selecting the best ideas to work on for the duration of the Makeathon. Focus on achievable time-constrained results : A real rocket to the moon will certainly not be a viable idea to work on, but a virtual one might be feasible…
  5. Team forming stage : based on the ideas that passed, teams are formed around each idea. Make sure the teams are well balanced, that is to say that not all technical experts should go in one team. Ask not what a team can do for you, but what you can do for a team….
  6. Implementation stage : After selection, the real work can start! You will be offered help through the available technical and non technical expertise ( the InnovateMates ), so please make use of them!
  7. Presentation stage : At the end of the Makeathon there will be some kind of presentation of your results, you will be asked to explain who did what and why you did it. If time allows you can even elaborate on how you did it.
  8. Wrap-up stage : The host of the event will present some concluding remarks


We worked on a 1 day makeathon were we created the first working prototype of a tentatively named project named ‘BlackBox’ : It will enable people to have a high level of immersion whilst being trained to cope with simulated severe health issues of a practice dummy.

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